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Disgrace of Tories' 'Help to Buy ISA'

It can't be used to help to buy!

Rebecca Long-BaileyRebecca Long-Bailey MP, Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, commenting on reports that the Help to Buy ISA scheme does not let first-time buyers use the savings for a deposit, said:

"Reports that the Tories' much vaunted 'Help to Buy ISA' cannot be used to pay for a deposit is a disgrace. People up and down the country are struggling to buy their first home and are being let down by the Government's failure to act.

"Once again the Tories are failing generation rent with empty promises. It is typical of the Tories to design a scheme that doesn't help working people get on the housing ladder but instead only provides a little perk to those that can already afford it.

"The Tory Government's failure to address the housing crisis is astonishing. In the last Parliament fewer new homes were built than under any previous peacetime government since the 1920s. It doesn't matter which Tory Chancellor is in Number 11 – it's clear the Conservative Party's economic approach has failed.

"The country needs a different plan that will end austerity, and start to invest in the housing and infrastructure Britain needs. That's why Labour would invest £500 billion, and establish a National Investment Bank and a network of regional banks, to rebuild and transform our economy so no one and no community is left behind."


Government has finally admitted it

There is systematic tax avoidance in the UK

John McDonnellJohn McDonnell MP, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, commenting on HMRC's statement on aggressive tax avoidance, said:

"After six years of dragging their feet and failing to get a grip of tax avoidance, the Government has finally woken up to the fact that there is systematic tax avoidance in the UK. It was Labour that harried the Government over Google's tax avoidance and they have been forced into action as a result of Labour pressure.

"In the wake of the Panama Papers scandal in April, I set out Labour's Tax Transparency and Enforcement Plan, developed in consultation with leading tax specialists, to crack down on the scandal of tax avoidance and evasion. This includes stricter rules on accounting practices and giving the courts more power to ignore accounting tricks, which rob taxpayers of billions of pounds every year.

"At a time when we have a Government insisting on brutal spending cuts, it is a moral obscenity that major corporations and the super-rich should duck out of the obligations the rest of us fulfill. We can’t have one rule for the super-rich and one rule for the rest of us."



Tory proposal for fracking payments

This is properly called a bribe

In response to the government's proposal to make cash payments to families living close to fracking wells, Labour's Barry Gardiner, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change has said:

"An incentive to do the wrong thing is properly called a bribe and Theresa May is using this bribe to set neighbour against neighbour. It is not right for communities and it is not right for the country.

"We need a clean, secure, low-carbon future in the UK not a dirty fossil fuel one.

"The government's latest report states that the cost of Gas generation in 2025 will be higher than the cost of both Solar and Onshore Wind so we need to question why Theresa May is trying to lock us in to a dirty fossil fuel infrastructure for the next thirty years rather than backing the clean technologies of the future.

"Labour recognises that a UK shale gas industry could create a number of jobs and increase the security of our domestic supply, but we have consistently stated that there should be a moratorium on fracking until all 13 environmental safeguards that we tabled as amendments to the Infrastructure Bill are in place. Currently they are not."



Latest honours list

Cronyism, pure and simple

Tom Watson

Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, responding to reports on David Cameron's resignation honours list, said:

"I hope Theresa May is not going stake her reputation on David Cameron's old boys network. That Mr Cameron proposes to reward his friends network on such a huge scale will not only bring the honours system into disrepute, it will undermine the reputation of Theresa May.

It's cronyism, pure and simple and proof the Tories will always put their own interests before those of the country."




Important intervention by the Chief Coroner

Heavyweight backing for Labour’s proposed 'Hillsborough Law'

Andy BurnhamAndy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Home Secretary, responding to calls by the Chief Coroner for equal legal funding for families at inquests, said

"This is an important intervention by the Chief Coroner and heavyweight backing for Labour’s proposed 'Hillsborough Law'.

"It is wrong that the police and other public bodies are able to throw around public money like confetti hiring top QCs when bereaved families have to scratch around for whatever support they can get. Far too often, inquests are intimidating and distressing for families still raw with grief.

"Public money should be spent on helping people get to the truth, not on protecting backs in the public sector. Natural justice requires that Parliament should call time on this gross unfairness and require parity of funding and a level playing field for bereaved families.

"I have got great respect for the way our new Prime Minister supported the Hillsborough families. But the job is far from done. It is essential that we continue to act on all the lessons learned and make Hillsborough a moment of real change when Parliament rebalances the legal system in favour of ordinary people.

"The Hillsborough families strongly support this change in the law to spare other families the pain that they have endured at the hands of the police. Labour will call a new debate on our proposed 'Hillsborough Law' in the Lords in the autumn. The Chief Coroner’s support for our cause has significantly strengthened it. We call on the Government to respect natural justice and work with us to make this essential change."



Not good news for working people

Theresa May's record is one of failure

The news from the Tory leadership contest today that we will now have a coronation of Theresa May as Prime Minister is not good for working people.

People want a Government that can deliver for them and their families, but Theresa May's record is one of failure. She has been at the heart of this failing Tory Government for the last six years — a Government that has failed working people.

She backed David Cameron and George Osborne's cuts agenda to the hilt. She has endorsed every single Tory policy that has damaged our vital public services, including the NHS.

Theresa May

Theresa May today called for an economy that works "not for a privileged few but for every one of us". This is a shameless pitch from someone who has been part of a Government that has cut taxes for millionaires, while putting up VAT for everyone else.

And what about Theresa May's own record as Home Secretary? On her watch police forces have seen their funding cut by £2.3 billion, with the loss of 18,000 police officers and 5,000 community support officers.

The truth is Theresa May offers more of the same failed approach that we've had from the Tories for the last six years.

Working people deserve better — only a Labour Government will stand up for them and their families.

Jonathan Ashworth MP
Shadow Minister without Portfolio



What a privilege to live in East Yorkshire

We have such beautiful countryside

Pasture Dale

Lisa Nandy

And all this might be under threat, because if the Tories get their way, we will have fracking too. They have reversed a previous promise, and sites of special scientific interest are now fair game for exploration. The evidence is unclear about fracking, and we might need it to fill the energy gap that is now almost inevitable after years of dithering and u-turns about both wind and nuclear energy, by successive governments. But that is no reason to include sites of great natural beauty, such as our Yorkshire coastline and countryside.

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour's former Shadow Energy Secretary, reacting to the news said:

"The Energy Secretary slipped out that more than 18,000 people could lose their jobs in the solar industry because of government cuts. Then said that fracking companies will be awarded licenses to explore for shale gas underneath our precious national parks. It's a disgrace that the government is ignoring all the risks to the environment and serious public concern."

Shale gas extraction must only be permitted to happen in the UK with robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring. Too often, David Cameron's government has ignored genuine and legitimate environmental concerns in pursuit of his rhetoric-led policies.

Shale may have a role to play in displacing imported gas. But the relentless hype from the Tories not only overplays the likely impact of shale, but also leaves many feeling their concerns have not been properly addressed.

Misguided Tories on North Yorkshire Council have allowed fracking to start there

The Labour Party is opposed to fracking without better regulation



Privileged few


We don't know how long for, but

At the moment, You still have 2 hard-working MEPs

Linda McAvan & Richard Corbett

They just get on with the work


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